Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why not? Occupy Your Sewing Room!

It has been a tough 6 months in this household. After working 2 different jobs trying to find something that would blend with my special needs kiddo's needs, I have found that I am still not ready, or rather my family is not, for me to be back to work full time. Friday I turned in my tools and am now back to staying home until the next job opportunity comes along. (I found a help wanted ad for a new JoAnn's opening @25 miles from me, could be what I have been looking for!) Anywho... all my sewing, crafting and blogging came to a dead stop when I started working and now my lonely sewing machine is begging for some attention. Enter *Occupy Your Sewing Room* being hosted over at Cat Patches... What perfect timing for me! If you have followed the *Occupy* movement, this is a fun spin on that. So, this week I will be occupying my sewing space, creating some lovely handmade CHRISTmas pressies and enjoying the time I have so missed with my machine. Sign on and join in! I will be posting pics throughout the week to keep myself accountable. :o)

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Anonymous said...

I hope things become more settled for you Becky, juggling work and family life is hard, hopefully you will find the job that's right for your circumstances soon. It's lovely to see you back blogging and I hope you have fun getting reaquainted with your sewing room - luv Shell x